Oriental Rug Cleaning

The oriental rug in your room is one of its most central elements. It ties the entire room, with all its furniture, decoration and color design, together. For your room to be the type of place where you’d want to invite guests, your oriental rug should serve as a perfectly clean, immaculate centerpiece. Even a few stray dog hairs can throw off a room’s entire aesthetic.

We remove stains and pet odors from all types of rugs, regardless of size, shape, or material. Don’t let nasty dust, mold or mildew buildups plague your home and your health—instead, let the experienced cleaning technicians at Baby Safe Carpet & Upholstery take care of these issues before they fully develop.

We have enough experience in the home cleaning industry to give your oriental rug the careful treatment it deserves. We’ll use chemicals that will get bacteria out without damaging your rug’s overall integrity. Call us today at (260) 420-0447 to learn more about how Baby Safe Carpet & Upholstery can make your home cleaner and safer.