Carpet Stretching

Does your carpet have unsightly bunches or ripples? Are you concerned about how much your carpet will cost to replace? Or finding new carpet to match the old color perfectly? Not to worry, Baby Safe Carpet & Upholstery has an easy and affordable solution to repair your carpet quickly and without a hassle.

When somebody stretches your carpet, you want to be sure they’re doing it right. An improper stretching job can result in some parts of your carpet fraying more quickly than others, or permanent distortions in its overall shape. At Baby Safe Carpet & Upholstery, we use a carefully tailored method to make sure we perform every carpet stretch with the utmost precision.

We offer seamless carpet stretching and repairs that can restore your carpet to new condition without the high cost of replacement or the hassle of finding a new carpet that matches the old color perfectly. Our experts will treat your carpet with the same care and respect we’d give to our own. Contact us today and get the eyesores of a bunched carpet removed!