Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are the center of daily abuse—we walk on them, our pets run around on them and our children crawl and play on them. Even after a daily vacuuming, your carpets are still home to a number of pathogens that can play a large part in the illnesses that your family experiences year-round.

Baby Safe Carpet & Upholstery works to clean your carpets right down to the matting below the fibers, ensuring that any germs or bacteria lurking within the carpet itself are eliminated properly. Not only will your carpets look better after we’re through with them, they’ll also feel fresher and pose less of a threat to yours and your family’s health.

When we come to work on your carpets, we’ll perform an efficient clean that restores your home to like-new condition. Our cleaning and drying process is designed to fight the risk of mold and mildew buildup underneath your carpet that usually comes with a cleaning. Allergens, bacteria, and anything else that might be in your carpets will be a thing of the past.